Socially significant projects



On the pages of the journal «OBRAZOVANIE LICHNOSTI» the following socially significant projects supported by the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications are being implemented in 2013:

  • «TOEHOLD»: the goal of the project is to prevent the spread of HIV using education, moral education, and the promotion of the healthy lifestyle. The following articles are devoted to this subject:

E.A. Levanova, L.V. Tarabakina. Emotional education as the foundation for
self-destructive behavior prevention
T.U. Rayfshnayder. Primary prevention of HIV infection in educational institutions of the Russian Federation
I.V. Turlykova. High priority national project «Health» — results of implementation 2012
L.V. Rubtsova. Positive psychotherapy as a condition of developing a mentally stable and healthy personality
N.Y. Sinyagina, E.G. Artamonova. Within the realm of the socially significant
Y.V. Naumenko, O.V. Naumenko. Teacher training curriculum component on how to use strategies to promote health in the classroom
G.I. Semikin. Promoting a healthy lifestyle for students in Russian educational institutions
E.V. Zvyagintseva, T.G. Kirsanova. HIV and drug abuse education program for raising the tolerance and awareness of students
T.A. Sapozhnikova. Prevention of negative social phenomena: the fight against HIV/AIDS and the promotion of family values among teenagers
Y.V. Naumenko. The program for the formation of a healthy and safe lifestyle of the school students
E.V. Zvyagintseva. Prevention of drug addiction in the educational environment
Y.V. Rebikova. Integration of HIV-positive children in the educational environment
E.E. Mamedova. The formation of a tolerant attitude towards HIV-positive people
O.I. Efimova, A.A. Oschepkov. The social attitudes and value orientations of the young people «at risk»
A.N. Barysheva. Readiness of the Russian teachers for the prevention of HIV infection
S.I. Studenikin, A.I. Rublev. The concepts of the health saving in the educational process of the college
E.V. Zvyagintseva, L.A. Fonderkina, O.O. Lukashova. «I choose life» — results of the nation-wide contest


  • «WE ARE DIFFERENT — WE ARE EQUAL»: the project aims at the prevention of international conflicts, extremism, and xenophobia among young people. This topic is covered in the following articles:

I.Y. Shustova. Personality development of the student in the school system
N.A. Shaorshadze. Project-based learning in german language class as a factor in forming a tolerant environment
Y.V. Naumenko, O.V. Naumenko. Psychological-pedagogical support in integrated schools (case study: the training program «I and others»)
I.V. Ivanova, L.G. Loginova. Monitoring the results and dynamics of children’s personality development in extracurricular institutions
R.M. Chumicheva, O.V. Barsukova, V.S. Korol'kova. Rsearch on russian student’s ideas and emotional experience of «evil»
V.N. Klepikov. Integrative processes in the ethical education of pupils
O.V. Stifeev. Spirituality development in the modern school
V.D. Maximova. Fill heart with kindness
M.M. Reshetnikov. Phenomenon of aggressiveness in psychology, psychiatry, and society
V.N. Klepikov. Social and cultural modernization of education: the moral and ethical education of children and youth
M.S. Kurganova. Birth of a character: social projects correct the mistakes of adults
N.Y. Sinyagina. Multicultural education in russia: risks and perspectives
M.M. Gevorkyan. Student youth: ready for inter-ethnic multi-culturalism dialogue
E.F. Aliyeva, E.L. Vandanova. Formation of tolerance of russian youth
L.G. Zenkova. Ethno-cultural education of preschool children in theory and practice of pedagogy
M.S. Galchenko. Socio-cultural cognition of values of childhood