Children's Villages-SOS



Innovational activities of the projects «Children's Village-SOS» aroused great interest of the scientific community and those who have dedicated their work to education and support of the orphans and children left without parental care from its very first appearance in Russia. These projects served as the subject to many studies, which were devoted not only to the research of the process of upbringing of the children without parental care in Children's Villages, but also to the development and implementation of the scientific methods and technologies of psychological, pedagogical, and social care for children, to the training and support of SOS-mothers and other employees of this unique institution. These scientific achievements and the rich experience of Children's Villages, the projects for the prevention of early child abandonment and social orphanage, the educational projects, the programs for the development of the legal culture of the orphanage graduates are now in great demand by citizens who are foster parents and by the professionals, scientists, and heads of the governmental institutions.

Special recognition to the pedagogical models of Children's Village-SOS, their years of experience and developed technologies came from the administration of the Department of Family and Youth Policy of Moscow.

As a part of the project «Children's Village-SOS» the journal «OBRAZOVANIE LICHNOSTI» — issue № 1, 2012 — includes the following articles:

L.L. Mityaev. Children's Village-SOS as a developing environment for orphans and children left without parental care
S.V. Yakovenko. Children's Village-SOS as a community of professional foster families
E.V. Orlova. Competence profile of the foster parents
A.A. Vasiliev, V.I .Maksakova. The organization of inclusive education and training in the Children's Village-SOS
E.P. Demjanchuk. How to start a prevention of the child abandonment? The innovative approach of the program «My Mother»
E.D. Proskuryakova. Technologies of the psychological and pedagogical support of foster families
L.V. Petranovskaya. What is the state house preparing the children for?
E.V. Orlova, E.D. Proskuryakova. The active participation of the young people in decisions that affect their lives. Experience of the Children's Villages
V.V. Pleshivtsev. Developing the independence of children in Children's Villages-SOS
Y.E. Bernova. Children's Villages-SOS: The experience of educational projects
E.Y. Plotnikova. How children grow ...
I.V. Anisimova. Analysis of the effectiveness of the educational system of Hermann Gmeiner
A.V. Kruss. Readiness of children from the orphanages of family type for the  independent living