Rehabilitation of the deviant behavior in special educational institution


The journal «OBRAZOVANIE LICHNOSTI» are introducing the thematic rubric for managers and professionals of special educational institutions: «Rehabilitation of the deviant behavior».

Support of the children in difficult life circumstances and their families, due to the urgency of this topic, is the focus of attention of governmental organizations, scientists, and the general public.

Given the need of the leaders of special educational institutions in activation of the professional dialogue, generalization of the constructive experience of experts in this field, formation of scientifically proven methodological support that meets the modern requirements for education, we offer an open dialogue on the pages of the journal «Obrazovanie lichnosti».

Konstantin Viktorvich Malyshev,
Head of the department of education of children with the problems of development
and socialization Department of Public Policy in sphere of protection of children's rights the Ministry of education and science of Russia,
the project expert



Irina Valentinovna Pestovskaya,
Head of the department of organizational and methodological the Federal Child Development Research Centre (Research Centre for upbringing problems, the formation of a healthy lifestyle, prevention of drug addiction, and the socio-pedagogical support of children and youth),
the project leader



The new thematic section of the journal called «Rehabilitation of the deviant behavior» will contain
three main informational sectors:

  • the scientific approach to the problem;
  • the generalization of the positive experience and discussion of the practical materials to assist the employees of the special educational institutions;
  • the review of legal issues.


The project is covered in the articles of the journal «OBRAZOVANIE LICHNOSTI» — issue 3, 2013:

K.V. Malyshev. Rehabilitation of the deviant behavior in a special educational institution: opening the theme
I.V. Pestovskaya. To the question about the definition of the term «rehabilitation»