ISSN 2225-7330

The marterials that correspond to the profile of the journal and haven’t been published before are being accepted for publication.

The volume of the paper (including footnotes, tables, and figures) must not exceed 25 000 characters (with spaces). Articles should be typed in the format of Microsoft Word, size 12, 1.5 spacing, font Times New Roman. The fields: upper, bottom and left 2 cm, right 1 cm. Highlighting in the text can only be bold and (or) italicized. Other styles and font selection are not allowed.

At the beginning of each article should be included the author’s information:

  • the author's last name and first name (full);
  • academic degree or title (if any);
  • place of work (unabridged) and the author's position (indicating the city and country);
  • contact information (phone number, E-mail  and the postal addressof each author).

Then follows:

  • article title;
  • initials and surname of the author (s), academic degree, position,
    place of work, city, country, E-mail (which will be specified in the publication);
  • abstract (150-200 words);
  • keywords (5-7 words);
  • article text;
  • references (not less than 10 and not more than 20 items)
    built in alphabetical order.

Then the title, the name of the author(s), his (their) affiliation, the abstract, and the keywords are given in Russian.

If needed specify within of the grant (project, etc.) prepared the article, this information should be placed below titled article.

Quoting the article should be referenced in square brackets to the sources at the end of the article. Please indicate only the necessary supporting information in the footnotes.

If an article contains tables, charts, or figures, they shall be numbered and signed and the text should contain obligatory references to them.
All diagrams, charts, graphs, and other illustrations should be submitted only in black and white.

The articles in our journal are accompanied by a photograph of the author(s) close-up, in .jpg or .tiff format with a resolution of 300 dpi that is sent as a separate file (max. 2 Mb).

Name the file that contain the article must consist of the name of the author (or co-authors’ names separated by commas) in the nominative case and the first two or three words of the article title. Photo file must be named with the last name of the author.

Materials will be accepted by e-mail the journal: obraz-l@mail.ru