Famili club



Since of the first issue the journal «OBRAZOVANIE LICHNOSTI» opened the special section for parents — «FAMILY CLUB».


The constant leading the column —
Tatiana Bogacheva,
candidate of psychological sciences, senior researcher
of the Federal Child Development Research Centre
(Research Centre for upbringing problems, the formation of a healthy lifestyle,
prevention of drug addiction, and the socio-pedagogical support of children and youth)


People always have a lot of questions on child rearing. On the pages of our journal, we jointly address these questions. For example, a question could be: why children of different nationalities often do not want to be friends, why do they have conflicts? Or for example, how do you prevent child suicide given that child suicide today is of great concern for the community and every family. And many other critical issues. Because of this, our section of the journal — «FAMILY CLUB» — is greatly appreciated by our readers.


Dear readers!

All questions you can send to the «FAMILY CLUB» on the e-mail of the journal: obraz-l@mail.ru or e-mail of the Federal Child Development Research Centre: cipv@yandex.ru