II Nation-wide competition «To raise a human»



In the Year of the teacher,
announced by the Government of the Russian Federation, in 2010
II Nation-wide competition of employees of educational institutions
«To raise a human»
was conducted.


The competition was held by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation with the support of:

  • Interregional public organization of promoting education
    «Commonwealth of organizers educational process»;
  • Russian Academy of Education;
  • Academy of Professional Development and Retraining of Educators;
  • Federal Institute for Educational Development;
  • Publisher «Pedagogical search».

The objectives of the Competition: to raise the authority of teachers who maintain the educational process in the educational institutions of the Russian Federation; to identify and support the talented teachers and tutors and to encourage their future professional growth.

In December, 2010 ended the federal (external) stage of the nation-wide competition. More than 200 contest entries had been received from all federal districts of Russia.
Final stage of the Competition was held in the city of Vladikavkaz — the capital of the Republic of North Ossetia — Alania. 60 people from 41 regions of Russia participated in the final — 10 people in each category.

In the journal «OBRAZOVANIE LICHNOSTI» — issues № 3 and № 4, 2011 — the floor was given to the organizers, members of the jury, and the winners of the competition. As a part of this project the journal contains the following articles:

A.A. Levitskaya. Address to the participants of the II Nation-wide competition of employees of institutions of general education «To raise a human»
E.Sh. Tebieva. On the role of the nation-wide education competition in the development of the educational system in the case of the Republic of North Ossetia — Alania
A.N. Barysheva. Vocational and personal development of the teacher in the participation in nation-wide competitions
E.B. Evladova. Contest as an opportunity to identify the topical problems of education
E.L. Zamorina. The use of non-traditional approaches to work with children with developmental disorders
V.F. Kuczynskyi. Adaptation of a blind child in today's informational society
O.Y. Voloshina. Educational program for elementary school students «Believe in yourself». The direction «Eureka»
I.P. Liapin. The development of the teenager’s personality in a situation of collective education in the school of the closed type


The detailed information and the results of the contest can be found on the websites: