Socially significant projects



On the pages of the journal «OBRAZOVANIE LICHNOSTI» — issues № 3 and № 4, 2012 — the following socially significant projects supported by the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications are being implemented:

  • «HEALTHY NATION — STRONG NATION»: the goal of the project is the formation of the health value and of the healthy lifestyle as a guarantee of vitality and physical and spiritual health of the nation. This topic is highlighted in the following publications:

N.V. Mazykina, A.L. Monahov. Young citizen: education patriotic, courage, moral and physical health
Y.V. Naumenko. The development of school-based health education programs
L.V. Franck. Speech development in children with disabilities through various educational methods and teaching techniques
N.Y. Sinyagina. Psychological and pedagogical aspects of child suicide
N.V. Zaytseva. Prevention of child suicide in russian educational institutions
A.I. Savostyanov. The aggression of modern teenagers
M.M. Erkenova. Review of psychological preventive measures for teenage substance abuse in the educational environment
I.A. Kim. The planning and implementation of lessons «Quiet breaks»
A.A. Kolosova. The perspective of parents on HIV/AIDS prevention in educational institutions


  • «WE ARE DIFFERENT — WE ARE EQUAL»: the purpose of the project is the prevention of the international conflicts, extremism, and xenophobia among young people. These topics are covered in the following articles:

V.N. Klepikov, M.M. Martynova. The culture of thinking of today´s high school students
P.P. Mischenko. Cultural perspective taking: implications for teaching in multicultural classrooms
N.A. Konovalova. Developing constructive interethnic interactions among students
T.V. Romaniuk. An ethnopsychological approach to monitoring and evaluating cross-cultural communication among teenagers
M.I. Prokohina. Answering questions about increasing tolerance among university students
A.V. Kislyakov. Determining the professional role of the teacher in a multicultural classroom
E.B. Evladova. Extracurricular education for children — room for exploring cultural values
V.N. Klepikov. Developing common national values among students within the school
L.V. Dvorzhetskaiya. Project-based learning and multicultural education in foreign language courses and extracurricular activities
S.A. Afanasyeva, T.V. Sergeeva. Teaching tolerance in foreign language courses
S.A. Oborotova. The development of collaboration skills in gifted students: elective course «Mediation or how to build a world without conflicts»